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Meet Our Team

Our Rehabilitation Department is comprised of over 30 staff members who have dedicated their careers to helping individuals remain independent, active members of our community.

Here are some interesting facts about our Rehabilitation Department:

  • Our Rehab Team includes the following licensed professionals:
    • Certified Physical Therapists
    • Certified Occupational Therapists
    • Certified Physical Therapy Assistants
    • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants
    • Speech Language Pathologist
  • 80 % of our Licensed Therapists share over 15 years of experience in patient care with every patient they treat.
  • Several Team Members have received certification for the following specialized treatments:
    • Neurological Rehabilitation
    • Manual Therapy
    • Hand Therapy
  • Our entire Rehab Team is committed to making a positive difference in our community. They have chosen this career because they enjoy helping people recover and return home.

Click here to learn what a few of our team members have to say about their careers:

Josee Boulanger Physical Therapist 12 Years of Experience
“I love being able to help patients, watch their progress, and see them return back home. We have a great rehab team who work well together.”
Maureen Ryan Physical Therapist 34 Years of Experience
“I love my career and everything that pertains to making my residents comfortable and ensuring that their plan of care is correct. I treasure my relationships with my patients. It is heartwarming when you are valued by their family to take the very best care of their loved one.”
Kelly Weiss Physical Therapist 16 Years of Experience
“I enjoy seeing the patients make great progress during their therapy stays.”
Kelly Carter Occupational Therapist 18 Years of Experience
“I enjoy meeting and working with all different people. I have met many wonderful people and enjoy getting to know them as they recover. I also love that my job is always challenging me to think and problem solve as no patient is exactly the same.”
Marie-Anne Mavrovic Occupational Therapist 27 Years of Experience
“I love to see the progress that patients make from when they first arrive from the hospital to when they go home. Contributing to their success and seeing how they excel is a great feeling!”