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General Requirements

  1. Education – Prefer High School Graduate or equivalent.
  2. Neat appearance, ability to communicate and to follow direction.
  3. Good health and ability to lift at least 50 pounds.
  4. Basic understanding of the needs of a geriatric person.
  5. Verbal ability is required to communicate with patients / residents and to understand instructions received from shift supervisor.
  6. Manual dexterity is required to move and use hands easily and skillfully while performing job duties.
  7. Interested in performing services of benefit and help.
  8. Work is of heavy demand.  Standing and walking most of the time while on duty.
  9. Each employee of Meadowbrook Healthcare is expected to work in a safe and injury free manner.
  10. Required to undergo a background check; which must come back clear and that clearance must be maintained from any, but not limited to, local, state and federal charges.  Employment eligibility and continuation of employment, will be at, but not limited to, the discretion of the NYSDOH-CHRC, OMIG List of Exclusion, and the NYS Department of Education.