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General Information

Visiting Hours:

Visiting Hours are Monday-Sunday, 8a.m.-8p.m. Visits from family and friends are encouraged anytime at Meadowbrook Healthcare. Children should be supervised at all times. The visitation of well-behaved pets that are up-to-date on all vaccinations is highly encouraged and valued at Meadowbrook Healthcare.

Personal Accounts:

Personal accounts are encouraged for all our patients/residents and can be established with our receptionist. For your convenience, payments for incidentals such as television services, daily newspaper delivery and salon services can be made directly through this account.

Television Services:

There is a flat-screen television for each bed with access to satellite television service through Direct TV at a reasonable cost. Payment must be submitted to the front desk to initiate and continue television services.

Telephone Services:

Subacute patients may make free local calls within the 518 area code. Phone numbers are assigned upon arrival and your phone will ring directly in your room so that your family and friends can easily contact you.
Long-Term residents may contract for phone service from local companies offering a range of telephone packages depending upon their individual needs.

Internet Access:

Patients and residents who would like to access our free high speed internet service simply need to bring in their own electronic device that has internet capabilities.  All devices should be clearly labeled with first and last names.


Any mail, flowers, or packages received for you will be delivered daily.

Salon Services:

A beautician is available in the facility Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of every week. This is an independently contracted fee-for-service we arrange for the convenience of our patients and residents. Payment is due at the time of service. To request Salon/Beauty Shop Services, please complete this form and return to kparker@meadowbrookhealth.com or to the Reception Desk.


Due to the short duration of their stay at Meadowbrook Healthcare, our Subacute patients are encouraged to make arrangements to have their clothes laundered.

Laundry services are provided for our Long-Term residents free of charge.

Electrical Appliances:

Electronic personal items such as hair dryers, electric razors, and fans as well as seasonal and holiday decorations may be used within the facility. However, for safety reasons all items are required to be inspected by a member of our Engineering Department.